Hello world!

What kind of developer would I be if I were to remove the “Hello World” post from my feed? 

As a programmer, I love the concept of Hello World.  Two simple words have created the standard for ‘Your first program written in [fill in the name of the language you are working with here]’ .  It could be JAVA or .NET.  It could be HTML or COBOL.  For some reason, we have decided that this is the way to knock out your first example.  There is even an entire web site devoted to writing a Hello World application in every known language:


I remember thinking that it was odd to have a program say “Hello World” since the author isn’t writing it with the intention that the whole world would be seeing that program (some may argue against that in the confines of a web page, but I digress).  After some seasoning as a developer, however, I see that applications are “born unto the universe” as it were.  In this light, the developer isn’t the voice saying “Hello”, but rather the program itself as it runs for its first time in reality.

Having declared that this blog is its own entity, may I say on its behalf, “Hello World.”


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