Moving Parts

Last summer, my lovely wife Jennifer and I remodeled our kitchen.  This included tearing out the floor and adding more insulation to the crawl space below.  Obviously, without a floor, EVERYTHING that was in the kitchen needed to be removed: appliances, cabinets, furnishings, the whole nine yards.  Anything we didn’t need immediately went into the garage.  This included the old upper wall cabinets, which I decided to keep for my shop as we replaced all of the kitchen cabinets with new ones.

Eventually the kitchen project came to what I consider a finish.  My wife disagrees, pointing out a few places that need some touch-up.  Meanwhile, my garage is now full of junk; so much so that most of last summer, our cars were parked in the drivewway because there was no room for them in the garage.  As winter rolled in, we needed to get the cars in the garage, which meant something had to go.  The easiest solution was to tear down my workbench and use the space it took up for storage of the things that took up all the room in our parking spaces.

Not having a workbench is not only a foriegn concept to me, but also creates a new problem: where do I put all the things that used to be on my workbench?  Every other surface is already covered with junk from the kitchen, so where do I put things like my bench sander, drill press, and compound miter saw?  I’m ashamed to say that these have been tucked away in dank, dark corners of my garage that I haven’t seen now in months.

During the winter, my wife and I made a list of all the things that we need to fix in the house in order to get it into a sellable state (just in case).  Jenn asked me if I could start working on some of these things, which up front seems perfectly reasonable.  Looking at the list, however, I begin thinking of what tools I’ll need to approach the projects and then realize that I have no clue where these tools are.  I know I have a drill.  It is orange and black.  It is somewhere in my garage.  The key word here is “somewhere”.

It is clear to me that before anything happens, the garage needs to be organized.  I need to move all of the junk out, build a new workbench, and get my tools back into a spot where I can find and use them.  So begins the great shop rebuild of 2011.  More details to come.


One Response to Moving Parts

  1. Alwyn says:

    I am involved in a similar project currently, re-org the garage and basement storage location. I have discovered the awesomeness that is peg board. I found 2 5′ x 6′ pieces in the basement and relocated those to the garage walls. They are slowly being filled with various hooks for the many things that I need. It is proving to be very motivating to see everything in its place.

    Good luck with your garage.

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