I promise to get back to my woodworking posts soon, but I do want to make a quick note about an electronics platform that I’m eager to try. 

The teensy platform has caught my eye recently.  While I’ve been an Arduino guy for some time, this one looks like it would give me a little more power and flexibility.  The benefits include more digital I/O pins, more analog inputs, and more PWM pins.  It is roughly the same size as an arduino pro mini, but has onboard usb.  Furthermore, the usb is runs natively, unlike the arduino which relies on a usb to serial bridge.  By running natively, the teensy can appear to a host computer as any other regular usb device such as a mouse, keyboard, etc.  If that isn’t enough of a plus, the teensy is also cheaper.  For $16, you get 25 digital IO, 12 analog in, and 7 pwm versus $19 for an arduino pro mini which gives you 16 digital, 6 analog, and 6 pwm with no onboard usb.


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