Drone Architecture Update

In my original post about the drone project, I had mentioned that the wayponts would be saved on an SD card, which is read via the Adafruit SD card breakout.  Since that post, I have narrowed my search of RC helicopters to the point where I no longer feel the need to use the Teensy micro controller to save weight.  Instead, I will use a regular Arduino Uno.

By using the Arduino, I can shift the architecture of this project away from the model of having a pcb board with breakouts for each of the components and move to a shield-style architecture.  The Arduino is styled in a way that allows the developer to stack modules on top of each other like legos.  Using this approach, I will no longer use the Adafruit module, but rather the Sparkfun SD card shield. 

A side benefit of migrating to the Arduino is that the voltage regulation is built in.  I will not need to build a voltage regulator to power the system, but rather pull the regulated voltage off of the Arduino.  The downside is that the Teensy has more I/O, but I can’t imagine that I’d be using all of the I/O on the Arduino, let alone enough to require more than what the Arduino supplies.


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