Drone Parts

Continuing on with the drone helicopter project, the following is a high-level list of the materials used.

Part Vendor Price
 Syma s031 helicopter (tentative) Amazon  $58.65
 ADXL345 accelerometer Sparkfun  $27.95
 HMC5883L magnetometer Sparkfun  $14.95
 SR-92 GPS Cute Digi  $47.90
 Arduino Uno Sparkfun  $29.95
 microSD Shield Sparkfun  $14.95

Total price tag (not including minor components): $194.35.

The power will come from the helicopter’s internal battery, which is rated for 12 minutes of flight time.  The battery operates at 9.6 volts, which is within the operating range of the Arduino Uno, which, in turn, powers the rest of the components listed above.

Alternatively, I might upgrade the helicopter to the FXD Eagle A68689.  This model is rated for 25 minutes of flight time and is a bit larger, which suggests it will handle the weight of the onboard computer better.  The battery on this model is a 7.4 volt, which is still within the operating range of the arduino.


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